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Technology is evolving very quickly. Technology is changing at an exponential rate, with new software and systems emerging constantly. Every industry has received a technical upgrade to some degree, trends are changing faster than ever. The fast pace of technological advancements requires everyone not to spare any effort in staying up to date with the changes or, indeed, being at the forefront of change, if you want to stand out and be successful.
We promise you to keep updated on the technological front with the latest pieces of information.

What is Polymorphic viruses

Polymorphic Virus When unknown advertisements are popping up on the screen or files are multiplying/duplicating on their own,then your system

What is Macro Virus

What is Macro Virus ? A macro virus is a computer virus written in the same macro language used for software

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication When you log into a website/application with a username and password, you are asked to enter a phone

What is router

What does router mean A router is a hardware (abbreviated HW)device that analyzes the contents of data packets transmitted within

What is a botnet?

Botnets attack If you have observed rendom tweet quotes from the movie franchise or unsolicited spam,  fake trending topics to

Stealth virus

Effects of Stealth Viruses On 22nd Sept of any year, if you get the message “FRODO LIVES” in large letters

Technical Guide to buy Headphones

What is Headphone Headphones, also referred to as earphones,are a hardware output device that either plug into a computer line

Boot Sector Virus

Symptoms of Boot Sector Virus Sometimes  your machine may misses to start up or to connect with the hard drive.

File Infecting Virus

File infector viruses If you run your computer on on Friday the 13th, chances are, not only program run that day is

Computer Virus

What is Computer Virus A computer virus, much like a coronovirus, is designed to spread from host to host and

Securing wireless networks

Vulnerability of Wifi Wi-Fi or wireless networks are great for the home and small business users, allowing to use of

How wifi works

What is Wifi Wi-Fi is a wireless networking protocol that allows devices to communicate without direct cable connections. Wi-Fi is the


Tech Terms

Most frequently takled

It is process of Identification Entering bank card and pin into bank machine is Authentication process

It is the process of verifying rights to access resources.Authorization usually comes after authentication

These are most common type of headphones,which sits in the ear canal.

These headphones sits outside the outer ear and are poor in noise isolation

Riskware is the name given to legitimate programs that can cause damage if they are exploited by malicious users

Pornware is the name given to a class of programs that display pornographic material on a device

AC outlet which brings current from far off grids/wires to your house/office

The lamp cord which allows to flow the cureent to your lamp and supply current for light.Only in wifi it is wireless

Macs and iPads are immune to catching viruses (and don’t need an antivirus). For the most part, that’s true. At the very least, it hasn’t happened in a long time.

Do windows get malware ?

There isn’t one clear reason why Windows has the most viruses of any operating system.The latest versions of Windows are much more secure but windows still remains a target.

computer virus is an application that needs to be downloaded or otherwise transferred onto the host computer before the infection can take place

A computer worm is an application that accesses a computer over a network.It doesn’t require the user to download or open any host application.

Virus vs Trojan

A computer virus is a small program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission of the user.It can execute and replicate itself.

they do not replicate themselves like virus.  Trojan horse  spread through attachment

There have been viruses that have been designed to physically damage computers or hardware equipment connected to computers. One of the most notable viruses capable of damaging hardware is Stuxnet, which was designed to target industrial equipment, like nuclear reactors.

Where Computer Virus can not infect ?

A computer virus cannot infect a CD or DVD, as most CDs or DVDs are locked after being created, preventing additional files from being put on that disc. However, if during the creation of the disc a virus is also copied to the disc it would become infected.

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