Dad, Parents want the best for their children. You were in the military and always wanted me to join the military but with stars only. Dad every parent thinks about making their children a doctor or an actor, but you wanted to make me an officer in the military. You taught me to take responsibility from my young age. You taught me to handle situations on my own. You made me feel that I am a citizen of a great country. I also got interested in a military career and finally achieved the grades and joined the military in officer grade.
During my training period, I developed a taste for archery. Dad here is a list of 5 gift for dad for fulfilled dream. These are my favorite bows, arm guard, and archer’s thumb.

1. Genesis Original bow

Dad this is Great starter bow for archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities. With no specific draw length requirement.You can also try this.

Genesis Original Kit-Right Hand
$189.88 Prime & FREE Returns

This bow has  flawlessly smooth draw and creates a perfect balance and a steadier shot. You can adjust Draw weight from 5 to 70 lbs of force.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package
$349.00 Prime & FREE Returns

Dad this is also introductory bow.This is good for youth children ages eight and older.

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set
$75.79 PrimeFREE One-Day & FREE Returns

A  thumb ring protect the pad of the first thumb joint.The end of the thumb and ring acts as a second class lever with the joint being the fulcrum, like the wheel of a wheel barrow.

HOMELEX Handmade Brass Archery Thumb Ring
$22.79 Prime & FREE Returns

5. SAS Armguard

An armguard is worn to save from string slap.An arm guard is used by archers of all skill levels, but it is mainly used by beginners or intermediate shooters.An arm guard stops the string from hitting your arm.

SAS 8" Armguard Archery Bow Range with 3-Strap Buckles
$11.99 Prime & FREE Returns
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