Dad, I know you had a dream to become a fighter pilot. But you failed twice only by a whisker. Over the years in your young days, you always wanted to handle a fighter plane. You were desperate to pursue a career in flying. You failed to realize the dream of becoming a fighter pilot. Then you dropped these plans once for all and became Marine.
 Dad, it was terrible but I genuinely still think you are capable and great and you have proved it. Dad, I can’t bring back your dreams in me as  I am not interested to become a pilot.
I have selected some planes which you can fly by remote. Here are 5 gift for dad on his unfulfilled dream. I think you will enjoy them.

1. E-flite RC Airplane

Dad this E-flite plane is easy to fly with optional-use SAFE Select flight envelope protection.It include a cockpit with instrument panel and pilot figure.Precision of AS3X technology for smoother flight performance.

E-flite RC Airplane Extra 300 3D 1.3m BNF Basic

$299.99 & FREE Shipping

2. Top race Rc jet

Dad, you will love this fighter plane.This is 4 channel remote control fighter jet.This is only one key stunts rc airplane, high speed, hobby jet plane FOR ADVANCED FLYERS ONLY.

Advanced Flyer's race Rc jet

$119.99 Prime & FREE Returns

3. VOLANTEXRC FPV RC Airplane for Adults

Dad,Ranger 2000 is easy to assemble and features a large wingspan for stability in the air. Take to the skies with this durable glider with optional FPV camera mounting.


$189.99 Prime & FREE Returns

4. DYNAM RC Airplane C47

Dad,You have to buy :6 channel transmitter; 6 channel receiver; 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 25C battery and charger seperately.It’s Flying Weight is 335g.

DYNAM RC Airplane C47

$199.00 & FREE Shipping

5. Arrows RC Marlin Jet

Dad, you can handle this high performance jet. This jet is capable of flying at 80-85 mph, but still docile on landings. This model is the best EDF in its class.

Arrows RC Marlin Jet PNP RC Airplane

$169.99 & FREE Shipping
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