Nowadays due to COVID 19, people are making more video calls. Demand for video calling continues to surge. A report says WhatsApp is experiencing the highest increase in consumption, among all social media platforms, amid the pandemic​. We are listing 5 tips to look  good in video call

What is Video Call?

Video Calling ​on WhatsApp​​ ​lets you video call your contacts using WhatsApp​​.Make sure you have a strong Internet connection when placing or receiving video calls. A poor or improperly configured connection might result in poor video and audio quality. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, your video call quality is dependent on your wireless network signal and network data speed.

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1. Body Language-A video call isn’t just about what you say, it is about how you look and move.​Check your appearance.
2. Background-Before you even start your video call, it’s important you think of exactly what your surroundings will look like from the other end of the line. Make sure you in proper lighting. The light should not fall on the video screen but on yourself.
3.Camera -Normally you have a tendency to stare at your contact’s image on the screen. This results in your breaking eye contact with the person that you are speaking to. You need to look into the camera, not other’s images. This give the impression that you are looking right at him.
4. Dress up-your appearance makes the first impression. Although it is not a fashion show you should look cool. You should be dressed nicely, maybe in pajama, shorts, T-shirts, but nicely worn.
5. Expression-You should be more expressive. You should open your hands, show your palms. This expresses that you are interested in talking. Follow some proper etiquette.


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