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What is Polymorphic viruses

What is Macro Virus

Multifactor Authentication

What is router

What is a botnet?

Stealth virus

Technical Guide to buy Headphones

Boot Sector Virus

File Infecting Virus

Computer Virus

Securing wireless networks

How wifi works

Wi-Fi Tutorial

Best in ear headphones

Headphones Tutotrial

Computer Malware

Difference between Software and Application

Deleting Infected Files

Quarantine, Delete, or Clean infected file

Dealing Quarantined Files

Antivirus program does not remove viruses

Bridge and Router

Difference in router and switch

Core routers and Edge routers

Preventing Logic bomb

Logic bomb


IoT security

Alexa user guide

Alexa designed to protect privacy

What is alexa skills

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)

What is barcode

What is RFID

internet of Overwhelming Things (IoOT)

Internet of things IoT

Anomaly-based detection method:

Data mining for virus detection

Behavior based malware detection

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Signature based detection

What is Sandbox

Heuristic Virus

Heuristic Scan methods

Passive and Active heuristics

Heuristic Antivirus Analysis 

Antivirus Software and How it works

Biometric security applications

Disadvantages of Biometric Technology

Biometric Hacking

Advantages of biometric technology

Biometric Verification

Biometric Security

bits and Bytes

DVR definition

Why use Card Reader

Buying Micro SD Card

Understanding SD card

What is SD card

Cyber threats

What is cyber attack

What is Cybersecurity

How to prevent cybercrime

What is Adware

Types of Adware

Adware Removal

I love iPhone

Worst computer viruses

what is backdoor virus

Funny computer viruses

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth 5

iPhone 11 launch date

Bluetooth piconet

Radio Frequency

iPhone 11 features



WPA2 Personal Mode

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