How India is reacting to the coronavirus pandemic

Despite being the world’s second most populous country, with more than 1.3 billion people, the nation has reported ten deaths and around 500 cases, giving rise to questions about why the virus has not spread as rapidly as elsewhere.Coronavirus was first detected in India.

Fast action of  India’s government to contain virus spread reuslted in minimum loss of lifes. And if the relatively low number of cases continues, it could make the nation a blueprint for others seeking to limit the impact.

  • The COVID-19 infection rate in India remains low relative to population size.
  • Fast government action to quarantine people and shut borders.
  • Implementation of Country wise Lockdown at the begining of third phase of coronavirus.
  • Taking rapid actions to limit travel by suspending visas and quarantining all incoming travellers
  • All international passengers entering India undergo Universal Health Screening.
  • All international flights to India banned
  • No local flights within India.
  • Response is “impressive” says the World Health Organization.