What are options for quarantined files

When a program or file is scanned, antivirus can compare it to threats already known and can delete or quarantine the files, if it is found that the file contains a virus or other type of threats.

Quarantine files are stored in a secure location on your computer and are blocked from being used.it does not automatically delete the file from your system.

Heuristic scanning is also known as Active Protection. It look at the code inside the file or application to determine if it is having virus-like behavior. Heuristic scanning can tell if the file can replicate (make copies of itself), overwrite other files (something that many viruses do), and hide or conceal itself (to avoid being detected by anti-virus programs).

Deleting an infected file

If you are concerned about leaving a file on your computer that has been compromised by a virus, you can delete the file from the quarantine folder of your anti-virus software.

Deleting an infected file removes both the virus and the infected file from your computer. Unless the virus has already infected other files on your computer, deleting an infected file is the most effective way of removing the virus and ensuring that it does not spread to other files.

Deleting an infected file Manually

Deleting an infected file if you have a backup copy of the file that is not infected.

If all your programs are running fine, and your system isn’t crashing, you can happily delete those files. You can delete the infected file, and then restore the backup. If it is a false alarm, they can teach their antivirus program to recognize it.

However, a quarantined virus is perfectly harmless while in quarantine. It cannot run, and it’s well hidden. If you are not able to delete an infected file, feel safe as a quarantined file is blocked.

Trash and Bin

When you delete a file on a computer, it is moved to the computer’s Recycle Bin, Trash, or something similar depending on your operating system. Once you have deleted the infected file, empty your trash, bin and restart the computer.


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