A virus hoax is a false warning about a computer virus. Typically, the warning arrives in an e-mail note or is distributed through a note in a company’s internal network. These notes are usually forwarded using distribution lists and they will typically suggest that the recipient forward the note to other distribution lists.

Computer Viruses are well reported and analysed due to their potentially destructive nature. However virus hoaxes receive minimal analysis because the damage they cause to organisations is not easily quantifiable and therefore the history of virus hoaxes is not well documented.

Good Times-HOAX Warnings

The Good times-Hoax warning Virus was quite possibly the internet’s first ever computer virus hoax. It warned people not to read or download any email with the subject of “Good Times”, because the messages were viral and would erase their hard drives,despite the fact that it is completely untrue.

selective focus photography of pink good times neon light signage

The ‘Good Times’ virus does not exist. It’s a hoax

This was one of the most succesful hoax,started in 1994 and is still continuing.

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