Because its an iPhone. A device that is pretty yet powerful and cool yet classy. You can watch any iPhone commercial to know what makes it so special.  In fact, the commercials themselves are special. Just log in to and enjoy the most beautiful presentation in the world. Website is No2 website globally under consumer electronics .The hardware and software having the “made for each other” thing make the experience of using it so, so amazing.
I have used Android and iOS extensively. But finally, I settled for the iPhone, since iPhone 4 to till date I am with iPhone X and enjoying every feature of it. The greatest of all of the iPhone is, it is free of any virus always and always.

Despite all the promises by Android phone makers to streamline their skins, the iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far.
Using an iOS device is simple and straightforward. Some may think that there is no change in the look and feel of iOS over the years, But this consistency since 2007 is good and paying. Pick it up, turn it on, and there you have the same feel with upgraded ios and, increased security features, and feather touch.

Most important –
Google and Apple definitely are the two biggest players in the area of App stores.The iPhone is still favored by developers as the launch platform of choice for the hottest new apps. If you get certified by app store of apple, you have proved your authenticity. Apple has very strict norms for apps to be launched on the apple store.

Yes, Definitely iPhone is the most powerful phone in the world.

Apple do not leave anything to tinker with it. So no expandable storage option, no dual-slot, no change of battery option, No option to open it so easily. This is an elite phone and you carry a status when you have an iPhone in hand.

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