Logic bomb-A slag code

Also referred to as slag code, it is a malicious program that uses a trigger to activate the malicious code. The logic bomb remains non-active until that trigger activate the code at certain date or time . Once triggered, a logic bomb implements a malicious code that causes harm to a computer. The trigger could include , a particular record being deleted from a system or a specific number of database entries .

Logic bombs are often used with virusesworms, and trojan horses to time them to do maximum damage before being noticed. They perform actions like corrupting or altering data, reformatting a hard drive, and deleting important files.

Common malicious actions that logic bombs are able to commit include data corruption, file deletion or hard drive cleaning and stealing sensitive data in conjunction with other spyware.

Cybersecurity specialists recently discovered logic bombs that attack and destroy the hardware components in a workstation or server including the cooling fans, hard drives, and power supplies. The logic bomb overdrives these devices until they overheat or fail. Unlike other forms of malware that break into a secure system, logic bomb attacks tend to be cyber sabotage from a person within an organization who has access to sensitive data