What is Headphone

Headphones, also referred to as earphones,are a hardware output device that either plug into a computer line out or speakers. Headphones allow you to listen to audio without disturbing people around you.

The term Headset almost always refers to a pair of headphones with an attached microphone, but a pair of headphones without a mic are just that, a pair of headphones.

Types of Headphones

Basically there are three type of Headphones,based on fits.Each type of Headphones is suited to different listening environments/different users/different purposes,providing different levels of comforts.

In Ear Headphones

1.In-Ear Headphones-These are most common type of headphones,which sits in the ear canal.They are portable,light weight and good listening experience.

Earbuds rest on outer ear and have poor noise isolation.

On Ear Headphones

These type of headphones sits on the outer ear (top of ear) and don’t cover the ear completely.Light weight and portable.They are also know as Supra-aural headphones,

Over Ear Headphones

These type of headphones fit over the ear.They use cushion to enclose the whole external ear.They focus  more on sound isolation. This style of headphones is the superior model for noise reduction because they create an intimate environment between you and the sound you’re listening to.

Further classification of Over and on Headphones

Closed-Back Headphones-They are a great type of headphones for those who want to block out any peripheral noise (outside noise) when using their headphones.This type of headphones are highly preferred and worn by musicians in recording settings.They are also called studio headphones.

Open-Back Headphones-Thay have “open” ear cups that allow some sound to escape into the environment. This style produces a much more “airy and open sound” that is more like listening to speakers in a room.This style is the number one pick for those who are mixing and mastering in studio settings



Audio drivers play a key role in defining the sound of an audio gear. The main function of audio drivers is converting electrical signals into audio signals. They come in a variety, such as dynamic drivers, balanced drivers, planar magnetic drivers, and electrostatic drivers. Balanced drivers are found in in-ear earphones due to their minimal space requirements. While electrostatic and planar drivers are found in loaded, over-ear headphones. In some headphones combination of such drivers are used, known as hybrid drivers.


The noise cancellation feature gives the user more enhanced experienced by blocking out unwanted external sounds, and solely delivering pure sound. You can also go for wireless headphones with noise cancellation. The audio delivered by noise cancellation headphones doesn’t get disrupted due to the noise or unwanted sounds from the surroundings, which is much coveted by the audiophile community across the world.


Bluetooth is unarguably the most commonly used wireless technology in headphones. It enables users to move up to 10 meters away from the device, providing a stable channel for signal transmission.

Some modern age wireless headphones are also NFC enabled, which means is that all you need to do is bring them close and tap to an NFC enabled device to connect.


Sensitivity is a measure of the ability of a speaker to convert electrical power applied to the speaker into an acoustical signal, resulting in clear sound without any distortion. The higher the sensitivity ( dB/mW), the greater the efficiency of headphones and the louder sound you get for the same amount of power consumed. Higher sensitivity guarantees better driver performance without using a lot of power.

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