Have you seen advertising banners, pop-up advertisements, and in-text ads, stating that they are brought to you by Constant Fun. Then you are infected by Constant Fun adware which may install unwanted adware programs.

Adware is a piece of software that displays ads. Malicious adware takes control of your browser to track your activity, show you deceptive ads, and redirect you to suspicious websites. In severe cases, it can even take control of your whole computer

This is a type of software that displays advertising on a computer, redirects search results to advertising websites and collects user data for marketing purposes.


Purpose of Adware

Adware’s purpose is to generate revenue for its developer by serving ads to an internet user while they are surfing the web or during the initial installation process. Its functions may be seen in a variety of ways, from display and banner ads to full-screen ads, videos, pop-ups or other varieties of online and mobile advertising

Adware is mostly used legitimately though can be malicious in nature. Users can often disable the frequency of adware by managing the pop-up controls and preferences within their internet browsers. Adware is a term that originates from “advertising-supported software.

Not all types of adware are malicious, but you shouldn’t take any chances online.

Kuik Adware

This is one of the top computer viruses in the form of malware & adware dubbed as ‘Kuik’. It acts as a legitimate Adobe Flash Player update by masking itself. This dangerous computer virus comes with three modules that are legitimate flash player, certificate and a .exe file named ‘upp.exe’.Once the virus enters in the device, it communicates with all established network interface and adds the DNS starts collecting personal information and data from the user’s system and forwards it to the hosting domain ‘kuikdelivery.com’.Their server activates various other malicious tasks on the system that also includes chrome extension from unknown sources, coin miners, etc. I have dealt with this adware in my Mac.

Adware & Cryptomining Remain Top Enterprise Security Threats.

Security vendor Morphisec Labs is out with a new report.The report contains technical details on specific attack techniques and tactics used, as well as a set of threat analyses of the most critical threats to enterprise organizations. Researchers found that adware remains a widespread danger. These adware strains employ sophisticated reflective injection of ad material directly into the memory of the process, bypassing antivirus blocks.
Monitoring process memory is one way to combat fileless malware attacks.

(Fileless malware is malware that does not store its body directly onto a disk. It stays in RAM. In the current threat landscape, new families of adware with fileless components are developing )

What is Pornware?

Pornware is the name given to a class of programs that display pornographic material on a device. In addition to the programs that some users may deliberately install on their computers and mobile devices – to search for and display pornographic material – Pornware also includes programs that have been maliciously installed, without the user having any knowledge of their presence. Often, the purpose of unrequested Pornware is to advertise fee-based pornographic websites and services

What is Riskware?

Riskware is the name given to legitimate programs that can cause damage if they are exploited by malicious users – in order to delete, block, modify or copy data, and disrupt the performance of computers or networks .

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