Botnets attack

If you have observed rendom tweet quotes from the movie franchise or unsolicited spam,  fake trending topics to sway public opinion,then twitter is suffering from Star Wars Botnet.

If your devices are controlled remotely then  this control over IoT devices is due to Mirai botnet.

What is Botnet

The Internet is filled with threats to online security. Many of these threats are just productive, positive technologies turned to evil use. The botnet is an example of using good technologies for bad intentions.Botnets are the workhorses of the Internet

A botnet is a collection of internet-connected devices infected by malware that allow hackers to control them. Cyber criminals use botnets to instigate botnet attacks, which include malicious activities such as credentials leaks, unauthorized access, data theft and DDoS attacks

How does a botnet attack work?

Botnet owners can have access to several thousand computers at a time and can command them to carry out malicious activities.

Botnet attack through a drive-by download or fooling you into installing a Trojan horse on your computer. Once the software is downloaded, the botnet will now contact its master computer and let it know that everything is ready to go. Now your computer, phone or tablet is entirely under the control of the person who created the botnet.

Different types of botnet attacks can include:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that cause unplanned application downtime
  • Validating lists of leaked credentials (credential-stuffing attacks) leading to account takeovers
  • Web application attacks to steal data
  • Providing an attacker access to a device and its connection to a network

How to Protect Yourself From Botnets ?

Most people who are infected with botnets aren’t even aware that their computer’s security has become compromised.

Botnet is just a collection of Internet-connected devices under the command and control of a botnet owner. As such, a botnet can be used to launch different types of attacks, each of which may require a different type of protection.

Some of effective methods are-
1.Installing effective anti-malware software will help to protect your computer against Trojans and other threats.
2.Always update your computer’s operating system as early as possible.
3.Don’t download attachments or click on links from email addresses you don’t recognize.

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