The Ping-Pong virus (also called “Bouncing Ball” or “Italian”) was probably the most common and best-known boot sector virus for a while commonly detected in DOS. It was one of the most widespread boot sector viruses. It is a resident virus (stays in memory ). It becomes active when the disk is accessed. When this virus activates, a small “ball” starts bouncing around the screen, corner to corner, exactly after a half-hour. In most cases, no serious damage occurs. Rebooting the computer removed the ball but will appear again.

Ping-Pong Virus has three variants. Ping-Pong A, Ping- Pong B, and C.Variant A targeted floppy drives only but Ping-Pong B, C infected the hard disk’s boot sector.

An Israeli variant of Ping-Pong Virus, Typo, instead of displaying a bouncing ball, the virus introduces typing errors in all text going out to the printer. 

Ping-Pong Virus A is no longer a threat—unless you’re still running MS-DOS. The hard-disk variant Ping-Pong B, C can still appear.

What is Stoned virus

Ping-pong virus was taken on by the Stoned virus and was one of the most widespread viruses in existence. Stoned is a simple virus that seems to have been designed to be harmless. Due to a mistake, however, it did not quite work out that way.
Stone is able to infect the boot sectors of floppy disks. The virus has spawned a large number of variants.
Stoned Virus is Boot Sector Virus ans so is Resident Virus

Ping pong google chrome extension

Do not mix Ping-Pong Virus with th PINGPONG chrome extension

Ping Pong is an unwanted program listed under the adware category. Ping Pong can hit and reside within your Internet browser.

Ping Pong (offered by is a malicious Google Chrome extension which may hijack your default search engine or display pop-up ads and unwanted advertisements on web pages that you visit.

The PingPong Chrome extension is promoted via a malicious JavaScript code from, which will force the users to install this unwanted extension. Most often, your browser will be redirected to from a crack, keygen, or adult entertainment site.

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